Train, Ride and Win with Riata®Rake arena drags Our arena rakes for equestrian arena design Riata®Rake arena drag. Riata®Rake arena drag are the choice for premier footing. Riata®Rake trailed arena drag. Riata®Rake precision arena drag pulled with tractor.
Arena Rake Brochures, Pricing and Manuals

Pricing & Brochure

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“I never really ‘got it’ about footing preparation until I met you guys and learned how this rake works. That ignorance lasted some time...having an arena and tractor now for 16 years.”
Dan Weyand,
Producer of Equestrian Nation on RFD-TV

Pro Arena Maintenance

With the expertise, technology and tools available today, creating the perfect equestrian arena is certainly possible and Riata is here to help.

Ray LaCroix's Riata® Story