• Riata®Rake 11 Series 3-Point Arena Drag

Riata®Rake Arena Drags are Designed by the Equestrian for the Equestrian.
Show horse on ideal footing provided by Riata Rake Arena Drags

You spend your hard-earned dollars building beautiful and safe facilities for you and your horses. Your days are long and you spend countless hours training your athletes to ensure that you get the most out of them when it counts. You make sure that your horses have the proper saddles, reins, bits, bridles, and saddle pads. For many equestrians, horses are their livelihood and they must do all they can to protect their investments.

Though the products and efforts mentioned above are important for the horse's training and health, the most important thing you can do for your horse other than having proper nutrition and health maintenance is to make certain that they have sound footing when training and/or competing. Establishing consistent footing for your performance athlete enables them to be better protected from injury, loss of confidence, and loss of time from inefficient training.

Imagine going for a 5 mile run in your dress shoes. Does this seem like something you would want to do? When we force our horses to train and perform on bad, inconsistent, unlevel footing, this is what we are asking them to do.

Good footing is critical to help your horses perform to the best of their athletic ability. It ensures that your horse can work with confidence and allows riders to efficiently train their horses knowing they will be performing in optimal conditions. In order to create and sustain good footing in your equestrian arena, you must first invest in the most important piece of equipment for your horse: a Riata®Rake arena drag.

Riata has provided equestrians everywhere with the ability to create consistent, precision footing for their horses with daily use of one of the leading arena implements of the Riata®Rake series product line.

Riata®Rake arena drags do it all! Whether your arena supports pleasure riding, English performance events such as dressage or hunter jumper, western performance events such as reining, cutting or barrel racing, or show horse events - the Riata®Rake arena drags are designed to give you the best footing possible for the longevity of your horse's health and performance.

Our 11 Series 3-Point Riata®Rake arena drags (1108 & 1110) are perfect for your equestrian arena and/or major equestrian event. The 11 Series arena drags are easy to set up and operate. They are ideal for the equestrian who owns or who is looking to purchase a 35-85 hp tractor. Our 11 Series arena drags are also iMatch™, Quick-Coupler and Cat.1 & 2 compatible for fast, simple hookups.

Get your 11 Series Riata®Rake arena drag today! Riata® "For the land that I love™"

Arena Rake Brochures, Pricing and Manuals

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“I never really ‘got it’ about footing preparation until I met you guys and learned how this rake works. That ignorance lasted some time...having an arena and tractor now for 16 years.”
Dan Weyand,
Producer of Equestrian Nation on RFD-TV

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With the expertise, technology and tools available today, creating the perfect equestrian arena is certainly possible and Riata is here to help.

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